The Media Club
of Ottawa
Meetings are held at Library and Archives Canada, 395 Wellington Street.
Mail: Media Club c/o 84 Bradford Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K2B5Y8

Five Great Reasons to
belong to the Media Club of Ottawa

1. Supporting the club’s yearly scholarship programs
         Since 1976, our Margaret Graham Award Program has assisted more than 100 students in all three local journalism schools.
         The Melba Lent Woelflé Award Program, established in 2004, is targeted specifically to to Algonquin College journalism students. This award was first issued in June 2008. The Club contributes yearly to this fund which is managed by the Communitiy Foundation.

2. Making a financial commitment to a club you believe in
         Our club will be 107 years old this year and is still going strong.

3. Helping to keep the professional and social network of our club alive
         Key components include meetings, guest speakers, dinners, scholarships, and networking.

4. Being on the leading edge of media outreach in Ottawa
         We collaborate with and mentor media students.
5. Making personal connections with like-minded communicators
         This networking includes everything from job referrals to tips on publishing.

We are committed to lively discussions, information sharing, and mutual support.
Join us today to further these goals.

June Coxon and Rosemary Tayler,

Help build the Media Club's "Melba Lent Woelflé Scholarship Fund."
To contribute, phone Valerie Knowles at 722-4473 or e-mail

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