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Margaret Graham Award Background

The Margaret Graham award honours the memory of Margaret “Miggsy” Graham, a young Ottawa reporter who, in 1904, played a leading role in the formation of the Canadian Women’s Press Club (CWPC), now the Media Club of Canada.  Miggsy watched as newspaper men but not women, got free trips to cover the World Exposition in St. Louis for their newspapers. While working briefly in Montreal for the Montreal Star, she persuaded Col. George Ham, then publicist for the Canadian Pacific Railway, to provide women reporters with the same free passes CPR gave the men. It was the first time women and men journalists received free press passes from the Canadian Pacific Railway. The trip was such a success that on the way home the women formed the CWPC.

These Awards have been presented since 1976 when Linda Florence receive the Margaret Graham Award for a story she wrote for the Kingston News. The award was formally established in 1977 to be given to a top journalism student from Carleton University and from Algonquin College and the first awards were presented in January 1978. In 1992 the program expanded to include a top student from the University of Ottawa’s Communications Department. Nearly 100 students have benefitted from the Margaret Graham Award since its inception 35 years ago.

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