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Books Written by Current and Former Club Members:

Gladys Arnold

One Woman’s War

Margaret Bunel Edwards
the Crafty Cat,
Little Stitch,
The Mystery of the Stolen Caves,
Fear In The Caves

Alixe Carter
No Tears for Peggy Perle (1979),
Stop The Press (1984),
The Doodlebugs (1985),
A True Love Story,
Facts & Fancies (1987),
The Bamboo Grove (1989)
The Pressure Cooker (1991)
 Murder In China

June Coxon
Just Call me Ernie , Ottawa,  BAICO Publishing, 2007.
Vous pouvez m’appeler Ernie , Ottawa, BAICO  Inc. 2009

Olive Patricia Dickason 

Canada's First Nations. A History of Founding Peoples from Earliest TimesToronto: McClelland & Stewart (1992) and New York: Oxford University Press (1997) 
Le mythe du sauvage. tr. Jude Des Chenes, Paris, Editions du Felin (1993). (First published in French that same year by Septentrion, Quebec.)
The Law of Nations and the New World. with Leslie Green. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press (1993).
The Myth of the Savage and the Beginnings of French Colonialism in the Americas. Edmonton: University of Alberta Press (1984).
Indian Arts in Canada. Ottawa: Queen's Printer (1972). Appeared simultaneously in French.

Rosaleen Dickson
The Mother-in-Law BookBased on "Ask Great Granny" - the on-going computer-mediated phenomenon, this book is for wives and mothers who need help in achieving good relations for the sake of the man they both love, and all the other family members involved.
Freenet For the Fun of It. Getting connected and making friends on the Internet.  Co-author Pierre Bourque is Ottawa's most prolific computer columnist. His research into the best of the Internet takes you around the world "for the fun of it". Published 1995, useful for beginners.
HTML The Basic Book .  Hyper Text Markup Language for people who would rather Do it than Read about it.  Accents, colour charts, links, blinking features, borders, tables, images and lots more. Co-author, Rony Aoun, is a computer programmer. With this primer you can handle your own material on the world wide web. It's spiral bound to lie flat beside your computer for instant reference.
100 Years of Daring - Day One.  A Play  for Canadian Women's Press Club (Media Club) 2004 Centennial.
Other books Rosaleen Dickson edited, or co-authored with brilliant colleagues:
 The Dickson and Leslie Family Histories ~ with David Dickson.
Avenging in the Shadows: No. 214 Squadron Royal Air Force
~ by W. Ron James & David Dickson.
Adventures of a Paper Sleuth ~ by Hugh P. MacMillan
A Theatre Near You ~ by Alain Miguelez
For the Love of TREES ~ by R. Hinchcliff, R. Popadiouk and others.s

Barbara Florio Graham
Five Fast Steps to Low-Cost Publicity
Five Fast Steps to Better Writing
Prose to Go: Tales From a Private List, Edited by Irene Davis, Fred Desjardins, and Barbara Florio Graham,  a collection of articles that offer a peek into the private lives of 18 professional writers from the Northwest Territories to Prince Edward Island - is described by the New York Journal of Books as an "eclectic mix of memories of shared love, laughter, and hope (that) should appeal to a wide readership and deserves to find a place in every public library collection"

Henry Heald
Ottawa Winter Fair History
For nearly a century, the Ottawa Winter Fair was a significant part of the agriculture scene in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.  The book captures the enthusiasm and experiences of four generations of fair goers.  The book includes interesting antidotes,  reminiscences,  interviews and lots of photos.

Mike Heenan
Urban Affairs & Country Matters ( Spring 2009).

Valerie Knowles
First Person: A biography of Carine Wilson,  Canada's First Woman Senator,
Through the Chateau Door: A History of the Zonta Club of Ottawa,
Making Waves:
A History of the Riverside Hospital of Ottawa,

Leaving With A Red Rose: A History of the Ottawa Civic Hospital School of Nursing,
Strangers At Our Gates: Canadian Immigration and Immigration Policy 1540-2015, 

From Telegrapher to Titan:  The Life of  William C. Van Horne,
Capital Lives
: Profiles of 32 Leading Ottawa Personalities,
Capital Lives II:  Profiles of 32 Leading Ottawa Personalities,
Andrew Fleck Childcare Services:  A  Local Success Story - Celebrating 100 years,
People, Partnerships, Community: The First 15 Years  of the Community Foundation of  Ottawa,
Forging our Legacy: Canadian Citizenship and Immigration, 1900-1977,
William C. Van Horne: Railway Titan.

Ruth I. McKenzie
Leeds & Grenville, Their First 100 Years;
Laura Secord, The Legend and the Lady;
James Fitzgibbon, Defender of Upper Canada.

Jean Portugal
Portugal chronicled the accounts of Canadian Veterans of the Second World War and published their stories as We Were There, in seven volumes. Her books,  published in 1998 by the Royal Canadian Military Institute, contain 350  illustrations, 1.2 million words and 3,500 pages. She interviewed 750 Canadian war veterans for the series.

Kay Rex
No Daughter of Mine: History of the Canadian Women's Press Club.

Mairuth Hodge Sarsfield
No Crystal Stair,  Moulin Publishing (1997); Stoddart (1998); reprinted Canadian Scholars Press Inc & Women's Press  (2004)

Kita Szpak
You’re Special Wherever You Are , BAICO Inc. Ottawa (2009). Three stories about a camel, zebra and dragon who are all a little different, and who show us how important it is to be yourself no matter what the situation may be. For ages 4 years and up.  http://www.picturebookstories.com
Tipping Point to Happiness , BAICO Inc. Ottawa, (2010). A little book with a big message – seven steps to getting on the road to happiness

Edna Staebler 
Sauerkraut and Enterprise, Cape Breton Harbour,
Haven't Any News; Ruby's Letters.
W.L.U. Press.
Places I’ve Been and People I’ve Known: Stories from Across Canada;
 Schmecks Appeal Cookbook Series. Toronto:
McClelland & Stewart/Ryerson,1990 ,
Whatever Happened to Maggie.
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart (1983),
Food That Really Schmecks.
Toronto: McGraw-Hill Ryerson (1968),
More Food and Schmecks Appeal.
Toronto: McClelland & Stewart (1979),
editor. Cape Breton Harbour. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart (1972),

Margaret Virany 
A Book of Kells, Growing up in an Ego Void
Eating in Church,  BookSurge Publishing; 2nd edition, (December 5, 2008).

Shirley Van Dusen
The Mother’s Day Monkey
Illustrated with Shirley’s own whimsical sketches, The Mother’s Day Monkey is a collection of a lifetime’s worth of the often hilarious adventures—and misadventures—of Shirley and the rest of the Van Dusen family. Along with husband, Tom, there are seven children and a menagerie of cats, dogs, chickens—and even a monkey and a sheep—to  provide the day-to-day inspiration for the family’s frequent laugh-out-loud moments.
Raven Wolfe
Silent Echos - A True Story - BAICO Inc. Ottawa (2009).
Silent Echoes is based on a true  story that relates to physical, sexual, nutritional and psychological abuse. It also relates to archetypal psychology, symbolism and mysticism.
The story is told by the main character who spends a few weeks in an all women's residential home while she does a painful research about her childhood, adolescent and young adult life. She loses time when she stumbles upon an object, overhears bits of conversation, or sees a building that reminds her of the past. These trigger the horrific memories she relives.
Twice Resurrected -
BAICO Inc. Ottawa
Realm of Serenity - BAICO Inc. Ottawa

To be published posthumously  (after 2017)
The Survivor 
(Not  yet published)
A Twist of Fate
(Not yet published)
Details to follow.

updated: May 2019


Books about CWPC/Media Club Members

The Newspapering Murrays, Georgina Keddell, McCelland and Stewart (1967).

The Canadians series: Nellie McClung, Mary Lile Benham, publisher Fitzhenry and Whiteside Ltd. (1975).
Other club members in this series
Lucy Maud Montgomery.
E. Cora Hind,
 Emily Murphy

Kit Coleman Queen of Hearts - Canada's Pioneer Woman Journalist,  Ted Ferguson, Doubleday Canada Limited (1978).

Women Who Made the News - Female Journalists in Canada, 1880-1945, Marjory  Lang, McGill-Queen's University Press (1999).

Extraordinary Canadians - Nellie McClung, Charlotte Gray, Penguin Canada (2008).

Charlotte the Last Canadian Suffragette,  Dave Mullington, General Store Publishing  House (2010).

100 Canadian Heroines - Famous and Forgotten Faces, Merna Forester, Dundurn Press (2011). Club members included in this book - Kit Coleman, Marie Lacoste Gerin-Lajoie, E. Cora Hind, Nellie McClung, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Gabrielle Roy.

100 More Canadian Heroines - Famous and Forgotten Faces, Merna Forester, Dundurn Press (2011). Club members included in this book - Robertine Barry, Charlotte Whitton.

Kit - Pioneer Canadian Presswoman, Mabel Burkholder from the Hamilton branch of the Canadian Women's Press Club, no date.

Travels and Tales of Miriam Green Ellis - Pioneer Journalist of the Canadian West, edited and an introduction by Patricia Demers, The University of Alberta Press (2014).

The Sweet Sixteen - The Journey that Inspired the Canadian Women's Press Club, Linda Kay, McGill-Queen's University Press (2012).

Elles Etaient Seize - (French translation of The Sweet Sixteen), Les Presses de UDM (2015).


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