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Wayne Kines

by Richard Kamen

Wayne Kines joined the Media Club of Ottawa on the suggestion of his sister in-law, the late Bonnie née McIntosh Kines, who had been in the club for 40 years. Mr. Kines joined the club to meet, greet, socialize and collaborate with fellow journalists in order to improve (their - ambiguous as it would not include himself)) professional standards. He emphasizes that his 25 years in the Media Club were very helpful to him because the friendships he made in the club were often useful when trying to overcome professional struggles and challenges. While in the Club, Mr. Kines held the positions of member of the board and assistant director of The Galley. He is a lifetime journalist and this is why the Media Club was so useful and relevant to him.

Mr. Kines grew up in Western Manitoba, where he was inspired to be a journalist as he did not like the increasing power of mass media, which were more or less irrelevant to his hometown. Mr. Kines felt a responsibility to the elders of his hometown to bring news that is relevant to those watching it.
Mr. Kines received his education in journalism from Goose lake Collegiate as well as Carleton University. During his career he worked for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and public relations, but he did most of his work for the World Media Institute Tabloid Tribute

Mr. Kines believes that the Media Club was an important part of his career, and this is one of the reasons he is still a member today. He says that the connection he made with Bonnie McIntosh Kines while in the club was very important to him. Mr. Kines emphasized that he wants to keep the Media Club alive and thriving, and then restore it across Canada to its original greatness.  Today Wayne Kines travels often and is involved in the Nightingale Declaration - a group that looks at health problems worldwide - and tries to find solutions for them.  Their goal is to have a healthy world by the year 2020. For information about the Nightingale Declaration please visit