Media Club of Ottawa

Founding Members

Anne-Marie Gleason

. In 1900, she was put in charge of the women's column in La Patrie by Israel Tarte. This constitutes the first use of her pseudonym Madeleine. It was while working at this newspaper that she became one of the Original 16, the founding members of the Canadian Women's Press Club.

Irene Curry Love
...after winning a contest for The London Advertiser, Irene regularly acted as a freelance contributor to the newspaper. Due to her contributions to the paper Irene was awarded a trip to attend and report on the happenings at the St. Louis World Fair in June 1904, with 15 female journalists from other Canadian newspapers.

Katherine Hughes
‘Katherine Hughes's life was replete with irony’. These were the words of Padraig O’ Siadhail, a close acquaintance of Katherine Hughes, who was both fascinated and puzzled by this enigmatic woman

Grace Denison

Kate Simpson Hayes

Kathleen Coleman

Cecile Laberge

Robertine Barry

Leonise Valois

Antoinete Gerin-Lajoie

Amintha Plouffe

Marie Beaupre

Alice Asselin

Gertrue Balmer Watt

Marie Adelaide Dawson

Margaret Graham

Profiles by students

by Richard Kamen

During the club’s 100th anniversary conference she did have a role  in the play re-enacting the creation of the Canadian Women’s Press Club. She thought the play was fun and entertaining and also appreciated meeting so many other female journalists while at the 100th anniversary celebration.

Profiles by members