Anne-Marie Gleason (1875-1942)

August 6, 2021

Born in Rimouski, Quebec, she was writing for local newspapers while just a teenager using a multitude of pen names. She wrote and edited the women’s pages for LaPatrie for 19 years, using the pen name Madeleine. Gleason also wrote for LeMondeIllustré and LeCourrieredeRimouski. In 1939 she founded LaBonneParole (published until 1958). With her husband, Dr. Wilfred Huguenin, she founded Le Revue Moderne and Le Nigog magazines in 1918. In 1923 she created LaVieCanadienne magazine which merged with LaRevueModerne in 1929. By 1934 she was literary editor of Actionconservative, a political and literary weekly. Between 1897 and 1943 she published more than 3,000 columns and articles in addition to giving lectures and talks. Gleason also authored several books, including PremierPéché (1902), Lelongduchemin. (1912), Lemeilleurdusol (1924) and portraitsdufemmes (1938), plus two plays - L’Adieudupoéte (1902) and Enplaineglories! (1919). Her novel Anne Mérivel, appeared in LaRevue Moderne but was never published as a book. A street in Rimouski and  Montreal was named in her honour 

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