Why join the Media Club of Ottawa?

It provides opportunities to: hear interesting speakers on a wide range of communications topics, network with others in the communications field, enhance your professional development through workshops and shared articles, and recognize and promote excellence in journalism through annual awards to journalism students.

Standard Rate:

60$ per year

Student Rate:

25$ per year

Out of Town Rate:

The Out of Town Rate is offered to members who live outside of the Ottawa region.

25$ per year

We will reach out after you submit the application form to facilitate payment.

    Application Form

    Personal Information -Coordonnées

    Name of applicant - Nom du postulant:

    Address - Adresse:

    Phones - Téléphones:

    Home - à domicile:

    Business - bureau:

    Employer - Employeur:

    Job title or position - Occupation:

    Duties which qualify your membership - Responsabilités justifient acceptation:

    Membership category - Catégorie pour laquelle vous faites la demande:

    Active - Actif: $60Non-Resident: $25Student - Étudiant: $25

    Sponsors - Parrains (must be members of the club in good standing - membres enrègle)

    Member Number

    Seconder - co-parrain

    Member Number

    Date of application - date de remise de l'adhésion:

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