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Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action by Barbara Montgomery Dossey and
Florence Nightingale
The subtle wit and gentle satire of award-winning writer Barbara Florio Graham is back to back with
Front cover of Ruth Latta’s recent book shows photos of Lillian Beynon Thomas and Francis Mar
Author : Ruth Latta
Publish : 2022
Votes, Love and War
Six Stories, by Lois Siegel, is the 14th issue in a special series of digital and print chapbooks to
Author : Lois SIegel
Publish : March 31, 2016
Six Stories
The Sweet Sixteen
Author : Linda Kay
The Sweet Sixteen
-COVID-19 Chronicles Anthology
Reflections on the 2020 Pandemic A collection of stories and articles
Author : ---
COVID-19 Chronicles
Laura Secord
Author : Ruth McKenzie
Laura Secord
Five Steps
Five Fast Steps to Better Writing
Before I Die
Author : Henry Heald
Before I Die – Not a Bucket List
Strangers at our Gate
Canadian Immigration and Immigration Policy, 1540-2015…
Author : Valerie Knowles
Publish : March 5, 2016
Strangers at our Gate
The ABCs of Writing for Children
First Nations
Book Overview Canada's First Nations is a comprehensive history of Canada's original inhabitants. U
Author : Olive Patricia Dickason
Publish : May 1992
Canada’s First Nations
Mother's Day Monkey
Stories in this book were written and illustrated by her.
Author : Shirley Van Dusen
Publish : Published in 2010
The Mother’s Day Monkey
Cooking for Love
Susan Hallett, European editor of Taste and Travel magazine, has published a second cookbook. Ca
Author : Susan Hallet
Cooking for Love, Exotic and Erotic Recipes for People in Love
This is a story not of military campaigns and grand strategy, but the joys and sorrows of life on a
Author : Gladys Arnold
One Woman’s War
Author : June Coxon
Just Call me Ernie
A classic study of early contact between European explorers and North American natives. When the two
Author : Olive Patricia Dickason
Publish : January , 1997
The Myth of the Savage and the Beginnings of French Colonialism in the Americas
Author : Olivia Dickason
Publish : February 23rd, 1995
Canada's First Nations is an interdisciplinary history of the country's original inhabitants, which
Author : Olive Patricia Dickason
Publish : November 1, 2001
Canada’s First Nations
the on-going computer-mediated phenomenon, this book is for wives and mothers who need help in achie
Author : Rosaleen Dickson
Publish : January 1, 2004
The Mother-In-Law Book
The subtle wit and gentle satire of award-winning writer Barbara Florio Graham is back to back with
Author : Barbara Florio Graham
A selection of poems by Canadian poet Mike Heenan, reflecting his roots in Canada and Ireland, and t
Author : Mike Heenan's
Publish : June 1, 2009
Urban Affairs & Country Matters
Ottawans owe Valerie Knowles a debt of gratitude for searching and recording on paper for our enligh
Author : Valerie Knowles
Capital Lives: Profiles of 32 Leading Ottawa Personalities
Cairine Wilson, Canada’s first female senator, was one of nine children raised in an atmosphere of
Author : Valerie Knowles
Publish : January 11, 1987
First Person: A Biography of Cairine Wilson Canada’s First Woman Senator
The story of two neighbouring counties that lie between the Rideau and The St. Lawrence. The story t
Author : Ruth Mckenzie
Publish : January 1, 1967
Leeds & Grenville: Their First Two Hundred Years
Author : Jean E. Portugal
Publish : January 1, 1998
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We Were There
Author : Kay Rex
Publish : 1995
No Daughter of Mine: The Women and History of the Canadian Women’s Press Club
Author : Mairuth Sarsfield
Publish : November 11, 2004
No Crystal Stair
Three stories about a camel, zebra and dragon who are all a little different, and who show us how im
Author : Kita Szpak
Publish : March 21, 2020
You’re Special Wherever You Are
Author : Edna Staebler
Publish : 1983
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Whatever Happened to Maggie
In the 1960s, Edna Staebler moved in with an Old Order Mennonite family to absorb their oral history
Author : Edna Staebler
Publish : 2006
More Food That Really Schmecks
Spine creases, wear to binding and pages from reading. May contain limited notes, underlining or hig
Author : Edna Staebler
Publish : 1990
Vegetables (Schmecks Appeal Cookbook Series)
Author : Edna Staebler
Publish : 1990-01-01
Places I’ve Been & People I’ve Known, Stories from Across Canada
Ruby wrote letters home almost every week. ...She wrote anything that came into her head: about her
Author : Edna Staebler
Publish : 1995-04-01
Haven’t Any News: Ruby’s Letters from the Fifties (Life Writing)
The spell of the sea will be on you as you read this finely illustrated story of Edna Staebler's dis
Author : Edna Staebler
Publish : 1972-01-01
Cape Breton Harbour
Author : Edna Staebler
Publish : 1969-01-01
Sauerkraut & Enterprise
The cooks of these 175 superlative recipes are volunteers, bubbling over with good will, know-how an
Author : Margaret Kell Virany
Publish : 2009-02-05
Eating at Church: A Book of Recipes from Aylmer & Eardley United
In the thick of World War I, Kathleen Ward, a city girl from Portsmouth, England meets Jack Kell, a
Author : Margaret Kell Virany
Publish : 2021-03-08
A Book of Kells
Silent Echoes is based on a true  story that relates to physical, sexual, nutritional and psycholog
Author : Raven Wolfe
Publish : December 14, 2009
Silent Echos Volume 2
Author : Alixe Carter
Publish : 1984
Stop The Press
No Tears for Peggy Perle
Author : Alixe Carter
Publish : 1979
No Tears for Peggy Perle
Author : Margaret Bunel Edwards
Publish : 1983
The Crafty Cat
Author : Margaret Bunel Edwards
Publish : 1986
Little Stitch