World Press Freedom Day 2019

In an effort to update our website to link to previous World Press Freedom days, World Press Freedom Day Editorial cartoons for 2019, .   y

Welcome to our new Website

September 26,2021

By Jayne Simms-Dalmotas   Starting September 26,  2021, our website has a brand new updated look. We’re delighted with the transformation – and we hope you like it, too. It was developed this past summer in collaboration with a talented team of Algonquin College students. By mid-May 2021, we met with the Algonquin team of three […]

Burnstown has signed a major movie deal

Burnstown Publishing House, owned by publisher Tim Gordon, a frequent Media Club speaker over the years, recently shared some exciting news. “Burnstown has signed a major movie deal,“ he said. “A book we published called The Flying Bandit will be released as a major movie soon.” The book, written by Robert Knuckle and Ed Arnold […]


Speaker: Alexandra Pope

March 19, 2019

Digital editor, Canadian Geographic and Canadian Geographic Travel. Alexandra Pope is the digital editor of Canadian Geographic and Canadian Geographic Travel. She previously inaugurated the role of social media coordinator at The Weather Network and was a reporter for weekly print newspapers. A digital native, she is keenly interested in new forms of storytelling and […]

Margaret Graham Award Presentation

February 19, 2019

Connor Oke of Carleton University and Iliyana Shoushounova of Algonquin College received the Margaret Graham Award Certificate and a cheque. Guest Speaker: Alberte Villeneuve


November 13, 2018

Speaker: Bill Fairbairn, author of The Printer’s Devil (2112),  On the Run in Africa (2015),  Newsboy (2016), and co-author of Germaroon

Meeting Reports

Melba Lent Woeflé Award Presented at Zoom Meet-up

April, 2020

By June Coxon For the first time since the award was introduced in 2008, a representative of the Media Club was not able to present the Melba Lent Woelflé award to the winning student. Self-distancing required by the current world pandemic made that impossible. But on April 16 the journalism class at Algonquin College held a […]

Tales of Capital Recollections

February, 2020

by June Coxon It was a bright, sunny day on February 22, 2020 when 20 people gathered at Ottawa City Hall to hear Bruce MacGregor discuss his book, Capital Recollections – A Baby Boomer Growing Up In Ottawa.   He began by pointing out that his book “isn’t a carefully researched history of Ottawa” but […]

November Speaker Attracts Diverse Audience

November, 2019

By June Coxon When Mohammed Azhar Ali Khan spoke at the November 19, 2019 Media Club meeting about his journalism experiences and contributions to society it prompted a lively discussion among those gathered to hear his talk. Ali Khan, a retired Ottawa Citizen reporter and editorial board member, who worked as a journalist in a […]