Authors’ Evening – April 18, 2023 – available on Skype

 The meeting took place on Tuesday April 18,  2023  in the MacKenzie Room at the Lord Elgin Hotel in Ottawa

The speakers were Daren Prefontaine,  Carol Goddard and Ainalem Tebeje, discussing their book published during the pandemic.

  1. Changing Canadian History: The Life and Works of Olive Patricia Dickason – by Daren Prefontaine via Skype
  2. The Morewood War Memorial: Remembering Their Service Forever – by Carol Goddard – in person
  3. The Refugee – by Ainalem Tebeje – in person

The meeting was made available via Skype and was  recorded. A link to the recording will follow soon

The following books were also  published during the pandemic by members or featuring stories by members.:

  1. Finding Evie – by Catina Noble
  2. Cooking for Love: Exotic and Erotic Recipes for People in Love – by Susan Hallett
  3. COVID-19 Chronicles: Reflections on the 2020 Pandemic – anthology co-published by the Media Club of Ottawa and the Ottawa Ethnic Media Forum (OEMF)
  4. COVID-19 Chronicles 2: The Road to Recovery – anthology published by the OEMF








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