Award Winners

Lydia Peever

2010 Recipient of:

The Margaret Graham Award

Lyda Peever spent most childhood and teen years in the municipality of Callander, just south of North Bay. In1994 she attended Canadore College in North bBay, taking Graphic Communications, then moved to Ottawa for more schooling in 2009.


Between graduating from college in 1994 and coming to Ottawa, Peever mainly worked as a receptionist at an engineering firm. For most of that time she was also a freelance wedding photographer, graphic designer, and in her spare time, she photographed or interviewed local bands. She also taught herself HTML, which helped with her decision to return to school for journalism.


“I had the pamphlets for journalism and graphics side by side and literally played eeny meeny miney moe. I was told that if I didn’t feel very social I would be better suited to graphic design because it was far more necessary for a good journalist to be a social person,” said Peever.


Margaret Graham Award

Since winning the Margaret Graham Award from the Media Club of Ottawa in 2010, Peever mentions that it has been very helpful  – not only for other people to see, but it reminded her that she had done well.


“I really liked being part of that. I felt that I’d accomplished something, especially as a mature student, where I had to try quite a bit harder to remain with the Algonquin Times. It was very helpful that way,” said Peever.


After graduating in 2011, Peever’s first job was cleaning hotel rooms, but she also did some freelance writing for Ottawa Horror. Shortly after that she also worked for TV media as well, writing cover stories for TV guides. She has also volunteered for the Horror Writers Association, writing monthly columns.


Since 2016 she has been a teaching assistant in the journalism program at Algonquin College.


But Peever admits she hasn’t pursued a traditional career in journalism since graduating from Algonquin.


“As much as I adore community newspapers, having the mindset that I’m able to expand my journalism skills to fit anything that I want to do or anything I want to be, only makes me a much greater benefit to whatever organization I want to be a fit in. I find that as an educator and as a journalist and fiction writer I think I’m most proud of being able to be flexible,” said Peever.

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